Who We Are

FLED Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited was registered in January 2007. It is approved by the government to operate as a financial cooperative. We exist to promote the business interests of our members and to support their other personal concerns.

We give preference to Women cooperators from around the country who desire to start or expand their businesses and become financially independent through cooperative efforts. We are particular about women's economic empowerment as part of FLED gender transformative approach to development.

Our Mission

To provide financial and ancillary support to enable our members to grow their businesses and other legitimate initiatives that support their financial independence.

Our Vision

The catalyst for the economic prosperity of our members and their families

What we do

We admit women and men who desire to become economically independent through self-driven businesses. We register them and begin to build their capacity for self-sustenance.

We support the business enterprises of our members. We encourage our members to get involved in agribusiness (production, processing, and marketing); property and real estate; export of services, etc. 

To be a full member of this Cooperative, you must:

  1.  Pay the Registration fee of N3000 and complete the Membership Application Form.
  2. Once you are registered, you will be allocated 5000 units of Shares (equivalent to N50,000). One Unit of shares is equivalent to N10. This is your equity participation/share capital in the Cooperative.  You are given 12 months to complete payment of your share capital in the Cooperative. Thereafter, you can buy more shares up to a maximum of 200, 000 units (equivalent of N2 million).
  3. You are expected to save a minimum of N1,500 weekly or N6,000 monthly (this is regarded as your Ordinary Savings - OS - in the Cooperative). You are at liberty to save any higher amount, per time, depending on your capability.
  4. You are required to pay a monthly dues of N500. This money is used for Administrative purposes to prevent using Member's savings to run the cooperative.

Why Purchase Shares?

The essence of a share purchase in a cooperative is to generate substantive and available working capital from among members of the cooperative, from which loan disbursements can be made to members.  The amount of shares purchased by a member will be refunded to them when they choose to withdraw from the Cooperative. Also, the number of shares a member has will determine the dividend they receive from the cooperative's profits at the end of the year.

Membership Spread

Membership of FLED Cooperative spreads across the country through our online platform. Members in each locality organize themselves and are coordinated from the headquarters in Abuja. Click here to register now!

Savings, Withdrawals & Loans

  1. Apart from ordinary savings, members are encouraged to make special savings for their special projects as listed below.
  2. Ordinary savings cannot be withdrawn except after four months of consistent savings.
  3. You cannot withdraw from your ordinary savings more than twice a month, and you cannot withdraw more than half of your total savings at one particular time.
  4. To withdraw up to half of your ordinary savings, you must give one month's notice.
  5. You can withdraw all your special savings at its maturity; you only need to give one month's notice before its maturity.
  6. To withdraw your total share capital, which means withdrawing your membership, you must give notice of four (4) months.


The Cooperative gives loans mainly to its Members, and to others on rare occasions on special conditions of suretyship. Short-term loans are given to enable members to invest in their businesses or to attend to urgent matters, as the case might be. Collateral loans are taken based on the nature and duration of the loan.

Loans are disbursed based on a first-come, first-served, and on the availability of funds. 

  1. To qualify for a loan, the member must present a viable project that requires financial support to make it profitable.
  2. To qualify for a loan from the cooperative, a member must present evidence of what the loan is to be used for. Loans for Businesses & Educational advancements receive speedy attention.
  3. The loan repayment period is between 3-12 months, depending on the loaner.
  4. Loans to members attract a flat interest rate of 10% per annum. No other charges are required. The Interest is taken upfront, before disbursement of the loan.
  5. Loans negotiated for members from outside sources might attract higher interest, depending on the terms of the said loan.

Special Savings Scheme

The cooperative allows members to save money for different purposes to meet short or long-term needs. Special savings are time-bound. It could be for a period of 3 to 12 months. If a member has made special savings for up to six months without withdrawal, that saving will attract an interest of 5%, payable to the Member on Maturity. Special savings of less than six months do not attract any interest. To enjoy the Interest, no part of the money saved must be withdrawn before the maturity date.

Land/House Purchase Savings

This is for members that want to buy land to build or purchase their own houses. Working through FLED Property Development Company Ltd, we support members, in different ways, when they have saved reasonable amounts in this scheme. 

Business Improvement Savings

This is for members that desire to inject reasonable capital into their businesses for growth and expansion.

Educational Savings

Members can save towards their educational advancement or that of their children/wards to pay school fees, etc.

Food & Household Supply Savings 

Members can save for regular monthly food supplies and end-of-the-year food and home supplies. We make bulk purchases of diverse food products from farmers and negotiate with major distributors of household items. We share among our members according to their needs and savings. 

Seasonal/Special Events Savings

Members can save for Christmas, Easter, Weddings, or other Special Events they expect to spend some lump sum. You save towards this period and collect your money in full when the time comes. 

Loan Opportunities

  • Business Support Loan
  • Land/House Support Loan
  • Equipment Purchase Loan
  • Food and Household Appliances support.

Membership Benefits

  • You're entitled to receive low-interest loans to finance your business and other important issues.
  • You are entitled to receive Dividends from the profit of the cooperative at the end of each year.
  • You enjoy business development support through seminars, training, and trade shows. 

Other issues

  1. Each member is expected to introduce five (5) of their associates to the cooperative to form a team
  2. Each member is encouraged to attend regular meetings of the cooperative as well as other business development seminars and training organized by the cooperative.

OUR Goal 

Our goal is to ensure that no member of the Cooperative or a Member of the FLED Ecosystem should suffer a lack of funds to start and run their businesses or pursue their profitable passions. 

There is power in cooperation. Join FLED Cooperative Society to enjoy the benefits of cooperative enterprise. We are business-minded and we are people-focused.

How to make your payment

Foundation for Leadership & Education Development
Bank: Ecobank Plc
A/c No: 224 203 8028

Description: Cooperative

For more information, contact:

The Administrative Secretary,

FLED Multi-purpose Cooperative Society Limited

Plot MF57 Cadastral Zone, KMC Street

Off NNPC Filling Station,

Karu Site, Abuja – Nigeria

Tel:  +234 (0)708 015 7176

Email: fledcooperative@fledgroup.org.ng

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FLED Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd is a project of the Foundation for Leadership & Education Development. The Cooperative is a member of the FLED GROUP, which consists of several interdependent organizations whose businesses cut across human development, real estate, media, education, food value chain, and fashion.