The work of the foundation is organized into three main thematic clusters:

  1. Promoting Leadership & Good Governance

We believe that Good Governance can be enhanced when the leadership and citizenship competencies of women and youth are enhanced. Therefore;

  • We provide adult learning opportunities for women and youths
  • We host mentoring programme for women and youths
  • We mobilize women and youths for political participation and community development
  • We conduct voter education, civic and citizenship education among women and youths
  1. Promoting Enterprise & Livelihood

We consider the promotion of private enterprise among women and youth as key to addressing poverty and livelihood challenges preventing them from contributing effectively to economic development. Therefore;

  • We conduct entrepreneurship training programmes for women and youths and support them to set up small scale private enterprises.
  • We engage in livelihood enhancement programme for women and their families
  • We facilitate formation of Cooperative Societies for women and youths business owners.
  1. Facilitating access to education and building capacity of teachers

Education should be the centre of all development initiatives.  Access to quality basic education is a fundamental human right. Therefore;

  • We campaign for universal access to education at primary and secondary levels
  • We engage in advocacy on education to key government officials and institutions, parliamentarians, and relevant development agencies
  • We support professional skills development programmes for teachers to enhance quality teaching and learning particularly in classroom management
  • We strengthen board governance in School-Based Management Committees (SBMC) in primary and secondary schools through training.