As a knowledge-based organization, our work is inspired by the principles and values that promote human dignity and development. These include democracy, leadership, entrepreneurship, participation, social justice, prosperity, gender equality, and human rights.

Our Core Value

In the pursuit of our mission, we are guided by the following core values on: people, work and partnership.

We recognize that individuals have intrinsic value and must be treated with dignity and respect
We are committed to the empowerment of our workers who invest in our mission so that they can grow, find joy in their work, and become outstanding social entrepreneurs
We provide ambiance where tolerance, forgiveness and trust is possible that everyone is accepted as he/she is and encouraged to listen and be listened to.

We are courageous in our work requiring us to be creative and different, without fear of failure, in the pursuit of the highest possible impact of our work on our constituents
We adhere to accountability and transparency which requires us to maintain open communication with all our constituents, while taking responsibility for our actions.

We respect diversities of views and seek partnership with individuals and institutions of similar mission to promote human development of women and youth around the world.