Why Should You Support us with Your Money


Foundation for Leadership & Education Development - FLED - exists to empower women and youths and to create opportunities for them to improve their lives in sustainable ways.

Working since 1995, we have built critical institutional knowledge that we are using to transforms peoples’ lives. That is why we adopt an entrepreneurial attitude to our social mission.

This social mission is about people-benefit and not about bottom line. We want you to support our work to enable us do more.

With funding support, we would do more in the following areas                             

  • Conduct professional skills development for teachers to enhance quality teaching and learning particularly in the area of classroom management.
  • Conduct leadership training for college prefects, students’ union leaders and leaders of women and youth organizations.
  • Conduct entrepreneurship skills training for women and youth special focus on ICT supported with micro credit facilitation.
  • Promote positive lifestyle among young people.
  • Promote civic and citizenship education among women and youths
  • Mobilize women and youths for political participation
  • Mobilize women and youth for environmental conservation and community development.
  • Hold regular Mentoring Programmes for Women and Youths


Your money goes directly to what it is meant for– We put resources where they are meant and keep track of our supporters. We choose to lower the cost of fundraising by offering this platform to those that truly want to support our work

Accountability is built into our model– We are answerable to our partners and supports. All monies donated to are accounted for regarding beneficiaries and projects executed with them. We are open to scrutiny.

We are unique and focused – We are different, focused and deliberate in our work. We approach our work from a multi-disciplinary perspective. We deploy the best available technology to engage our constituents and to lobby and advocate on issues connected to our mandate.  

We win Together - It’s all about us. When you partner with us, we win together. We win together when one life gets transformed because we provided capacity enhancement training, gave seed money to someone to start a business, or supported another person to achieve their dream. That’s how we win with you.

People and Opportunities- This is what FLED stands for. It’s about building lives and empowering people to live out their dreams. This is the sweet spirit that drives our work.

We invite you to share in this sweetness through your partnership!

Here are ways you can support us

Any donations for Institutional Capacity Development will help us in the construction of the proposed Abuja Leadership City with operational facilities.

Any donations to Grants for Small Enterprises (GSE) will enable us organize Entrepreneurship and Leadership Skills Enhancement Course (ELSE-C) for youths and women entrepreneurs, give them seed money to start their business as well as offer them Coaching and Mentoring till their businesses stabilize.

Any donations to the FLED Scholarship (FSS) will  enable us to provide scholarship to qualified, but indigents students to pursue their education in Secondary Schools in Nigeria.

It will help us to host educational programmes like Inter-collegiate Public Speaking Contests, Inter-Collegiate Prefects Summit and more.

Foundation for Leadership & Education Development

Bank: Ecobank Plc
Naira A/c No: 224 203 8028.

US$ A/c No. 224 306 1852

We also accept online donations via ATM and Credits cards.

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