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FLED Young Ambassadors – FYA – is a value-based leadership development platform to build the capacity of Africa’s young people to lead responsible personal lives and to become active public citizens. The Program engages young people, who enrol in it, over a period of time, long enough to shape their perspectives, the way they think, talk and act. Members are helped to develop positive attitudes, acquire specific skills and competencies, in order to demonstrate behaviors that affirm them as emerging transformational leaders.

FYA is  run by Foundation for Leadership & Education Development (FLED) in collaboration with FLED International Leadership Institute

Objectives of FYA

To help members to discover their unique purpose in life.

To support them to maximize their potentials.

To groom them to contribute to the positive development of their communities.

To promote inter-generational dialogue between the young and the older generation.

To instill values of Pan-Africanism in Members.

Benefits & Activities of FLED Young Ambassadors.


Receive mentorship support

Attend leadership training programs

Participate in Youth Exchange Programs within Africa.

Exposed to Scholarship Opportunities

Participate in other programs that help them offer the best of service to their nations and Africa. 

Program Content

FLED Young Ambassadors derives from a carefully created age-specific curriculum that produces specific outcomes in the lives of Members.  FYA focuses on seven key competencies.

Personal competency – actions that reflect understanding of one’s own opinions and thoughts and those of others in order to handle situations appropriately and non-violently (independent living skills, decision making & problem solving, self-esteem & self-confidence, speaking up for oneself, etc.).

Cognitive competency – intellectual development and the integration of information into operational functions (analytical thinking, Organizational skills, developing good study habits, ability to evaluation information, etc.)

Creative competency – exploration and development of self-expression (artistic expression, express individuality, ability to utilize free time to engage in creative activities)

Mental health competency -ability to identify, understand and deal with one’s emotions and feelings (sense of well-being, developing coping skills, etc.).

Social competency – the manner in which one consistently responds to other individuals, expects other individuals to respond to oneself and interactions with members of groups sharing one’s “social address” as well as with members of groups different than one’s own (trust, respect, caring, involvement, communication skills, conflict resolution skills).

Civic competency – a core of respect and values for the civil and human rights of oneself and others and the recognition that one can further these rights for oneself and one’s community by participating in the governmental process and in community service and organization; African in the eye of the World, African in the eye of Africans (changing the narratives, taking responsibility, participating in volunteer community service, advocacy engagement, etc).

 Entrepreneurial competency – vocational awareness, how small ideas develop into big businesses, how wealth creation follows from solving problems, the vastness of Africa as market for ideas and products.

Program Activities

We have created diversity of activities as vehicle to make sure young people benefit the most as members. Some of the activities are run online, some onsite; some lasts for 1 hour, others last up to two weeks, depending on the season.

Membership of FLED Young Ambassadors  is open to young people in the categories listed below.

Membership Categories:

Emerging Champions
: For Secondary School Students

Campus Leaders: For undergraduate students (Membership lifespan – 4yrs)

Ambassadors Extra: Youth Corpers and youth not yet qualified for Induction into public leadership at FLED Institute.

Registration fee:
Level 1: $20 (N5,000)
Level 2: $25 (N10,000)
Level 2: $35 (N15,000)

Registration Options

  1. Students in Secondary School has to be endorsed by their schools or parents.
  2. Undergraduate Students and youth Corpers can register themselves directly.
  3. Schools can allow their students to register in the Program as a Group. This makes it easier for us to serve the students better together while still in the school.

Program Operation Guide

  1. Registration fee is paid once. There is no annual membership fee paid thereafter. Once someone graduates from secondary or tertiary institution, they will be graduated to the next level.
  2. Registration does not include fees that could be charged for different activities that will be held during Membership lifespan.
  3. Any young person anywhere in Africa can enrol into FYA. Our programs will be delivered onsite and online as the case might be to ensure participants benefit maximally.

Program Competency Focus

The FYA Club is designed to produce holistic outcomes in the lives of members. However, each Club level  focuses on specific competencies. This is as illustrated below.

Level 1: Personal, Cognitive & Creative Competencies

Level 2: Cognitive, Mental, Social & Civic Competencies

Level 3: Mental, Social, Civic & Entrepreneurial Competencies

To Register in the Club, please make Payment into this account:
Foundation for Leadership & Education Development

Naira Account: 2242038028
$ Account: 2243061852
Ecobank Ltd

Then Click below to fill the Application Form

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For inquiries, contact

FYA Club Coordinator

FLED Group, Plot MF 57 Cadastral Zone, KMC Street

Karu Site, Abuja – Nigeria

Tel/Whatsapp: +234-708 -015-7176

Email: info@gledgroup.org.ng


Foundation for Leadership & Education Development – FLED is a knowledge-based NGO established by Joseph Chinenyeze Ibekwe in April1995 to build the capacity of youths to lead independent lives and participate responsibly in public life. For more information, please visit: https://fledgroup.org.ng

FLED International Leadership Institute is a leadership tink tank established in 1999 to train and mentors a new breed of transformational leaders in Africa. For more information, please visit: https://flededu.org/fledinstitute